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There is one thing that most people are afraid of when they are asked to do things entirely new – they are afraid of screwing up. It is normal for everyone to feel like they are going to fail at something, but they only do so because they don’t want to disappoint the person that they are doing it for. So how did these DIYers ever got so good at their craft? They did not learn their skills overnight. What they did was entertain the ideas that came into their head, gather all the tools needed to complete the idea and they’ve got the result. It may or may not have a good result, but when they do the latter, they make things even better by learning from their mistakes. And those that have dedicated a lot of time learning to perfect their craft, that’s the result that you’ve seen most today. They have remained persistent in what they do to achieve the result that they’ve always desired.

One thing that may surprise you with these DIYers is that they all come from different walks of life. Some are even from the most wealthy and the reason why they prefer to go with DIY is that they find it fun to do so. Some of them engage in DIY projects to teach people, others to sell their work while the rest just wants to create something unique for themselves like decorating their homes. There are different ways that DIY can benefit every person and the most common thing among all these projects is that you learn from your mistakes. And that is the beauty of engaging in DIY.

The difficulty of change
The attitude of being able to embrace or even accept the mistakes you’ve committed is not easy. Just take yourself back from when you were still in school. The education system in most schools today teaches the children that if they commit a mistake, they will give a bad mark. And bad marks are not good in the eyes of most people. It translates that the person is incompetent. Being incompetent also means to these people that they will never do good in life, so they have to make things perfect.

However, when you get yourself involved with DIY, you are not condemning your mistakes. Instead, you embrace and accept them. What you’ve learned from your mistake instead is a solution so when that mistake happens again, you know how to address it. DIYers know it very well that making mistakes are their source of making them inspired to do better and it is also the most effective way for them to learn. You can find several studies in the field of neuroscience that supports this idea.

Some people admit that they become better people when they engage in DIY. They have become better at facing their fears. They don’t run away from it, but rather they have learned to face it and find some solutions for it. They don’t stop until they get to the bottom of it.

You also develop a deeper connection with things that make you alive and well. The world made by humans is beyond average comprehension. The daily survival of people depends entirely on the things that are already provided for them. But when you make your world less than confounding through making your things like sewing clothes, growing vegetables, raising chickens, teaching children and many other activities that reflect your true character and personality, you create a connection to each thing and people that come into your life.

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